BIG VALUE requires a BIG box! What's Included "In the Box" of your Trillium Package!

BIG value requires a BIG box! This is what is included "in the box" of your Canadian Made Trillium Package!

"Our mission is to provide the most affordable home package in Canada"

~Kyle & Eric

Now, what's "in the box”?

Your Home’s Foundation - Strength through engineering - Similar to our pre-engineered structure, the pre-engineered floating slab uses a light-weight steel channel with a galvanized finish. The system is complete and ready to install with galvalume forms, threaded rebar, insulation, fasteners, bolts, installation manual and stamped engineered drawings. The installation manual provided makes for an easy installation—resulting in fast, efficient construction and earlier project completion!

Your Home’s Shell - Pre-Engineered Steel Structure - A primed steel structure with pre-drilled connections make it ready for a quick and efficient assembly the moment it is delivered! All pieces are lightweight so they can be maneuvered into place and bolted together. The pre-engineered structure meets or exceeds local, municipal and national building codes and comes sealed by a Professional Engineer for use in your permit package.

Siding & Roofing - Heavy pre-finished steel siding that includes industry leading 40 year warranty! There are 16 available colour options to choose from for the siding, trim, gutters and downspouts that allow for thousands of possible combinations! These panels are lightweight and screw directly to the structure, allowing you to be closed in earlier! The 26ga. Steel roofing provided in our package includes a galvalume finish as it has a high reflective value and increases the energy efficiency of your home!

Gutters and Downspouts - The item that everyone forgets about—but not Trillium. Although it may not seem like it, gutters and downspouts are an important component of any home, as they direct water from rain and snow away from your foundation! These are standard in all of our packages and include the same 16 colour options as our wall steel so you can mix and match until you find a combination you love.

Windows and Exterior Doors - All operable windows, optional in your Trillium package are white vinyl, ENERGY STAR Certified, coated with a microscopic silver layer and Low-E insulating glass lowers energy costs and helps your home stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter by reflecting sunlight away from the home in hot weather and heat back into the home in cold weather.

Permit Drawings - Trillium modifies every drawing package to suit your building location. We include Architectural, HVAC design, and energy calculations to suit your Municipality and should they have questions,  Trillium won't stop until all their questions are answered! All drawings provided are sealed by a professional engineer or registered designer, certified in their area of work.

Delivery - Anywhere in Canada! All Trillium packages include shipping anywhere in Canada with no premiums! It’s that simple. It is suggested to have a forklift or a tractor handy to facilitate unloading the trucks. You can make a special request to have the building unloaded for you for a small fee.

And that is everything included in your Trillium Package!

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