Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Barndominium kit purchase process work?

  1. Customize your Barndominium kit, add it to your cart, and check out.

  2. Trillium will contact you for confirmation of your address and postal code within 1 business day of your order.

  3. At this time, your building will enter the engineering phase and be placed in the production queue. You will also be provided with an additional invoice of %15 and ETF information.

  4. 30 days after the first deposit is received, Trillium will request an additional 25% payment. 

  5. 60 days after the first deposit is received, Trillium will request an additional 25% payment. You will also receive your engineering drawings and permit drawings so you can submit for a building permit with your local municipality. (please check with your local municipality as additional documents may be required).

  6. The final %25 invoice will be sent 3 weeks prior to delivery for the, we require payment 2 weeks prior to delivery of your Barndominium kit.

  7. Begin constructing your new Trillium Barndominium home or garage!

Do I need a permit to construct my building?

Unless you're located in an Unorganized Township you will likely require a permit to construct your building. However, at Trillium we have taken the guess work out of it for you, we include architectural permit drawings including, energy design summary, HVAC design, and engineering. You can expect to receive your permit with ease! For our garage buildings the supplied engineered slab and building drawings will be suitable to submit for permit, but design drawings are available for purchase along with the insulation package to ensure a smooth build.

Can I make changes to a Barndominium Kit?

Yes! All you need to do is click on the "Custom Order" option under our Barndominium Kits and/or Garage Kits to start the process today. However, due to our commitment to bring you the best product at the lowest price, changes to the plans are not simple. At Trillium, we are able to bring value to the table by manufacturing our kits in bulk, therefore any additional changes require additional work. These revisions require an engineering review, building code review, as well as a new ductwork layout and heat loss calculations. You can find pricing for customizing buildings by choosing "Custom building order" in our Home Kits and Garage Kits product lines. The prices vary depending on the product, and are shown in the drop down menu. Once we prepare the building drawings, we can manufacture the building to your specifications. The process for a custom kit may vary from 1-8 weeks, depending on the size, the amount of coordination/revisions, and scope of the project. 

What does R-Value of insulation mean?

“R” means thermal resistance to heat flow. Insulation works by helping to keep the heat in your home in the winter and the heat out of your home in the summer - keeping you more comfortable!

How does delivery work? 

Our buildings come on a flat deck truck with skids of banded materials stacked separately. It is advised that you have a large skid steer, tractor or telehandler to unload the building and accessories off the truck. Please ensure that this is coordinated with the delivery date. It is possible to unload the truck by hand in a pinch, but not advised. If you require help unloading, we can provide a special truck with a forklift for an additional fee. 

What if items arrive damaged or missing?

It's very important that the end user checks the shipment carefully for damages upon arrival and ensures that all of the parts have arrived. It's very helpful to use the packing slip to check off each item as it is unloaded. Any damages or missing items must be reported to the driver at the time of delivery. 

Do you offer technical support?

Yes! Each building comes with over the phone technical support, but if you find you need more help, you have the option to purchase video call technical support in our Accessories section!