Navigating the Permit Process!

"A Complete Submission Makes for Smooth Sailing"

When it comes time to navigate through the permit process, you might feel overwhelmed—but you're not alone! It's common to feel overwhelmed during this process, especially when it is your first time. Below is a quick step-by-step guide to help you to the permit finish line.

When you're ready, reach out to the Municipality to confirm the zoning of your property and ask if there are any restrictions in regards to building. They should be able to provide you with all the information you need as well as required documents. Most Municipalities require the following documents to accompany your permit submission;

1. Architectural Drawings - These drawings are included in your Trillium package and either sealed by a Professional Engineer or Certified designer. They show you where your interior walls go and details on how the structure is constructed.

2. Structural Drawings - Your Barndominium drawings are included in your Trillium package and sealed by a Professional Engineer. This package provides all the information required to layout the steel structure and how it is connected together.

3. Foundation Drawings - The engineering drawings for the floating slab kit provided in your Trillium package are included in your Trillium package and sealed by a Professional Engineer. Again, this package provides all the information required to layout the floating slab and how it is connected together.

4. HVAC Design & Calculations - Your Trillium package includes your HVAC design utilizing your preferred methods of heating and cooling, whether it is conventional or utilizes our hydronic heating kit, we've got you covered. The drawings and required calculations are prepared by a Certified designer.

5. Site Plan - This will be a drawing that will need to be completed by a third party. It is a birds-eye view of the surface features of your building lot, showing where the building, driveway, well & septic (if req'd) and any other site features will go! It is recommended that a professional such as a licensed civil engineer, architect, or land surveyor be hired to complete.

6. Grading Plan - This is a drawing that will show how the surface of your lot will slope and where the water from rain will ultimately go. This is a drawing that will have to be completed by either a licensed civil engineer, or land surveyor.

7. Septic Design - A plan created that shows the ultimate layout and construction details for your future septic system. This can be created by a Civil Engineer or Certified designer. Many septic installation companies have a Certified designer on staff and can usually receive a better price if they are designing and installing. They may also require a soils sample and can usually arrange for this to be completed.

8. Permit Application - A standard application form that is provided by the Municipality. The information requested is usually fairly basic information about your site and the proposed project. This helps the reviewers gain a better understanding of the proposed package.

The above items are the typical documents most Municipalities request, however we suggest reaching out to them directly to confirm their requirements.

Once you have all the documents required by the Municipality you are ready for submission and the waiting game begins! Should the Municipality have any questions regarding your Trillium Barndominium package, we're here to help! Either provide us with their questions or provide the Municipality with our contact information and we can discuss with them directly to ensure all of their questions regarding your Trillium package are answered!

We hope we've helped ease some nerves and provide you with a better understanding on how to navigate the permit waters!


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