What is a Barndominium?

Were you raised in a Barn…dominium? If not, this article may make you wish that you had been.

Barndominiums have been on the rise with the help of home improvement networks and shows. But what exactly is a barndominium? A barndominium is a steel building with a barn or shop-like shape. Inside, however, is an entire living space. Besides barndominium, you may hear them called shop houses, steel buildings, barndo, or shouse. Some people choose to leave an ample shop space and live in a part of it, and some people choose to forego the shop space and turn the entire building into a living area. We hope to help you decide what is best for you and your family with this article.

How long will the construction last?

If you plan to pursue a new construction barndominium, you will be wondering what the build time is. A barndominium will be able to be assembled in 3-6 months. However, this number may be significantly skewed on how much customization you choose on the inside. Like any new construction process, it is the finish work that will drag the length of the job out.

What does it cost to build a Barndominium? 

The price is hard to nail down due to the fluctuation of materials and the level of customization the customer requires. As a general rule of thumb, a barndominium will fluctuate in price as much as a custom home. However, it will be cheaper than a traditionally built home on average. They are sometimes getting as low as half the price of a traditional structure.

How long will a Barndominium last?

Due to the structure style of a barndominium, it can easily last 50 years or more if you continue to perform the proper maintenance and repair any damages. Barndominiums are covered with metal roofing and siding, which is known to last an exceptionally long time.

How safe is a Barndominium?

Barndominiums will give you the same rugged durability as metal siding. This means that you will have the safety and security of a metal building, which is likely to be safer than a traditional home could be. You will also likely be able to enjoy your shop house for far longer than a conventional home before you must begin performing maintenance on it.

The versatility of a Barndominium.

There are those people out there who have watched HGTV or another home remodel channel and watched them build or remodel these extraordinary structures into their new homes. While plenty of those love the style and versatility that comes with it, another group of people wishes to blend their shop and residence under the same roof. 

Barndominiums are known for their high ceilings and wide-open spaces, making them a perfect place to house whatever you want in the shop space. Whether you are a car enthusiast with a working shop, a showroom floor, a motorcycle collector, or whatever else you may have, a barndominium gives you the room and versatility to have your home and your shop your way. 


--Eric & Kyle

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