No More Cold Feet with Radiant Floor Heat!


Suppose you are considering purchasing or already have purchased a barndominium from Trillium Barndominium. In that case, you need to consider the hydronic rough-in package to set the groundwork for heating your home. Combine the package with a combination boiler “combi” boiler to provide the heat, and you will have unlimited hot water, warm floors, and a perfectly acclimated barndominium for many years to come.

What is radiant floor heat?

Radiant floor heat is accomplished by installing water lines beneath your concrete slab before it is poured. Once the concrete is finished, the lines are hooked up to manifolds and a heating source. In this case, a combination boiler is recommended, and then the hot water will be pumped through the water lines. 

A thermostat controls the floor heat, just like a traditional forced-air furnace system, while the water heater only runs when it is needed. This means the only thing you have to worry about being hot in the summer is your water. 

Can I buy the supplies from Trillium Barndominium?

You can definitely purchase all of the supplies that will be required for the rough-in. Once you decide on which barndominium package from Trillium Barndominiums will be perfect for your family, you can add the Hydronic Heating Rough-In Package. You will be provided with the design for your specific barndominium floor plan, the piping itself, and the insulation you will need. However, you will have to buy the manifolds and boiler separately for now. 

With the piping being in your concrete, it is crucial to buy your quality piping. This is why Trillium Barndominium provides a high-quality Watts Oxygen Barrier pipe and provide you with a high-quality layout. Top-quality products will help prevent finding problems after the concrete has dried.

Why is a combination boiler recommended?

A combi boiler is highly efficient. Most models are above the 90% efficiency levels with their gas usage. A combination boiler will also work similarly to a tankless water heater. This means that you can take showers as long as you like, on top of having warm floors.

Another benefit to combination boilers is the space that they save. Because you are combining two substantial-sized pieces of equipment into one medium-sized piece of equipment, you have more room within your home. The average combi boiler is capable of fitting in a medium-sized closet. 

Can I install it myself?

Ultimately you’re paying for the project, and the decision is yours, but it is recommended that you use a professional to do the installation work. If something goes wrong during the installation, you could be required to remove concrete to repair the problem. It is much better to just let a professional handle it from the beginning, someone experienced with Barndominiums in Canada, preferably someone who has worked specifically with Trillium Barndominiums products.

Wrap it up

You are putting a large amount of money into having a home built. You want to make sure that it is precisely how you want it. You are trusting Trillium Barndominiums to provide you with the structure, consider adding the hydronic rough-in package. Floor heat continues to gain popularity. Get ahead of the game, keep your feet, home, and water warm with hydronic radiant floor heat from Trillium Barndominiums.

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