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Introducing the Lunos™ ‘breathing wall’ ventilation technology. Lunos e2  replaces your indoor air while maintaining a comfortable temperature year-round.

This through-wall variable ventilation system employs a ceramic regenerative heat-exchanger to provide continuous ventilation without the need for duct work.

*Your order will contain a combination of Lunos e2 and Lunos ego, depending on the number of bedrooms and and bathrooms your barndominium contains.

* Order includes only the items detailed above. Trillium Structures Inc. is not responsible for any items/products required for installation including, but not limited to; electrical panels, junction boxes, wiring, additional controls, fasteners, waterproofing/gaskets, strapping, glues, silicones, sealants, insulation, etc., electrical labour installation, labour, start-up, and labour warranty.