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The Canadian Arctic Package

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The Canadian Arctic Package is the best defense against our harsh Canadian winter climate! Have confidence that your Barndominium or Garage will have top tier thermal performance, and gain peace of mind when it comes to falling snow and ice. This package provides an extra layer of high density under slab insulation and snow guards for all eave portions of the roof. Combine these with our included extra durable 5” STEEL eavestrough and downspout system and take comfort in knowing that your Barndominium or Garage was built for the best possible performance, on a budget. Protect your investment by choosing Trillium Barndominiums Canadian Arctic Package for your next project.

By selecting this accessory you will be provided with;

  • 2X Below slab high density rigid insulation, for a total of R-21 (Combined with standard building package).
  • Snow guards for each eave wall of your building.

*Disclaimer: This is a non-engineered snow guard system. Please contact us for engineered snow stop solutions for your specific steel roof.